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Financial Appeal /Support

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Message  Ruth Kungu le Mer 5 Oct 2016 - 16:16

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm a former Banker. I took early retirement in 2010 and ventured into car hire business with my 7seater car but couldn't make ends meet. Consequently, in 2013 I decided to sell my 3bedroom apartment which was in an upmarket area. The proceeds of the house could finance a small house and expand my business. However, this was not to be. In March 2014 the sale went through. I was conned all the proceeds on 27/03/2014 in a very cunning way/method. In the same Year, my car and all household items were auctioned! This was a sudden downfall but I stood firm. I tried to recover all but my efforts proved fruitless late last year (2015). When one become broke up people (relatives and friends) REJECT YOU and can't give you moral or financial support, some of them CELEBRATE . Currently I'm in the rural, my parents home (I lost my dad in April this year) . Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly request you to assist me start a business. I'm confident that I will make it and prosper. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Ruth Kungu
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